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What are Those Men’s Resort Casual Attire?

Manners make man, yet when it comes to first impressions, one cannot ignore the acceptable dress code.

A man’s presence is highly influenced by his wardrobe. From the classy formal dress to stylish daily attire, it’s essential to select the acceptable wear to fit into occasions.

Even during a long-awaited vacation.

So, before packing a suitcase, be sure to bring along the attire that will leave an impression on others and make you the most stylish man in the resort.


  • What is resort wear?
  • What is the resort dress code?
  • What are the examples of resort casual attire?
  • What not to wear as resort attire?

What is resort wear?

pair of shoes, shirt, and short for man in light colors

If you have been up to date with vacation fashion, you’ve definitely heard the term “resort wear“.

While it sounds too fancy for beach attire, it’s more than swim trunks, flip-flops, exotic t-shirts, and a nice pair of sunglasses.

The term resort wear refers to the attire worn on resorts or cruises during vacation. It doesn’t only refer to casual wear but also radiates elegance.

Based on the location and time, this attire can break rules and make you the center of attention.

What is the resort dress code?

It’s quite a challenge to define a certain dress code when it changes based on location and season. Yet, if you don’t want to feel out of place and fit into a crowd smoothly, there are certain tips for you to follow.

First, let’s find out the type of dress codes you can wear in a resort, alongside some recommendations!

Resort Casual

its a baggage with stuffs in it getting ready to go to beach vacation.

Resort casual is the most popular type of dress code you can see during vacation.

It welcomes the informal and stylish surroundings and reminds you that you’re far away from work when you wear breathable fabrics.

Yet, let us give you a friendly reminder. It changes based on the time of the day and you might need to know the details to not be in utter confusion.

Resort casual daywear

The casual dress code for daywear is the indispensable element of breakfast, brunch, and lunch breaks.

From linen and cotton pants to a collared shirt, it’s the semi-formal reflection of the perfect holiday.

The standard fashion includes:

  • Jeans, shorts, and capris,
  • Polo shirts and t-shirts with collar,
  • Sneakers, tennis shoes, boat shoes, sandals, and flip-flops (if you’re near the beach).

Avoid wearing too formal attire such as a suit jacket or tie as they’re saved for the evening.

Resort Evening Wear

The casual resort attire for the evening is often based on a dinner location.

Compared to daywear, it’s more formal yet still carries the colorful fragments of a relaxing holiday.

It’s the ideal time to pull out long sleeves and pants, alongside closed-toe shoes, cool jackets, or navy blazers.

When is the resort casual required?

 a man standing  with casual cloths with his stuffs ready to travel

The casual resort attire is required anytime you’re away from the beach. Places such as hotels, exclusive restaurants, or a country club require certain dress codes.

Whether you’re in a tropical vacation spot or somewhere closer to home, it’s essential to follow resort dress codes and be part of the crowd.

Elegant Casual

Similar to evening wear, this dress code which is also known as casual elegance, refers to attire you can wear to a country club, restaurant, or evening events at resorts.

Yet, it also requires men to wear dress shoes and a dress shirt with slacks.

In this style, there is no place for t-shirts, shorts, leather sandals, and flip-flops. Thus, avoid wearing t-shirts and others to keep an elegant casual dress code.

Formal Resort Attire

While it might sound unfitting to put formal and resorts in the same sentence, it isn’t entirely wrong.

You might need to wear formal attire for specific events such as weddings, parties, and other celebrations.

In such cases, it’d be wise to pack a suit, button-up shirt, full-on dress shoes, or dress sandals in your suitcase.

Cruise Wear

its a suitcase with cloths and accessories in it that shows someone is going to a trip

Are you planning to have a sea trip during day time?

Then you might choose to go with classic beach wear: a swim trunk, tank tops, and sandals or flip-flops.

If you plan to drop by different shores, resort attire will support your fashion there as well.

In case you plan to attend a night cruise party, however, instead of a suit, you might prefer to go for semi-formal wear.

What not to wear as resort attire?

If you’re still unsure about your resort wear, here is the list of attire you might want to keep away from your suitcase.

  • Athletic wear

Gym shorts and workout t-shirts are inappropriate in any resort attire. So are the track pants.

  • T-shirt and tank tops

Unless you’re near the beach or resort attire accepts it, avoid wearing a t-shirt. Instead, go for a collared shirt such as polo shirts or a dress shirt.

  • Shoe types

There is an appropriate shoe type for any occasion even in a resort. Unless you’re near the beach or pool area, avoid wearing flip-flops or elegant sandals.

Be careful with tennis shoes and sneakers. Choosing a lighter color for them is always better than going for black.

  • Pants

For any evening activities, keep your shorts away. Especially for dinners, it’s more appropriate to choose long pants.

Also, don’t wear board shorts unless you’re near the beach or pool.

  • Vests

Everyone likes a nice top but vests are over the top for resort wear unless you’re attending an important and formal event that requires one.


While packing light is one of the prior aims for vacation, just like women, men also need to be aware of acceptable resort attire.

It’s no longer enough to bring a pair of trousers, but it’s essential to know when and where to wear them.

The tips we mentioned in this article will help you shine as a fashion icon while on vacation. So be sure to follow them!