An illustration setup of the table on Thanksgiving Day to represent Thanksgiving Day and its Roots.

Thanksgiving Day and its Roots

Hi, everyone! This is the time of year when we all come together to celebrate with family and friends. And what would a Thanksgiving celebration be without delicious food? In this blog post, we will share all you need to know about your favorite holiday Thanksgiving. From fun facts to delicious recipes, we’ve got you […]

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USA’s flag on a blue background shows the USA territory as a map and also a writing of UNITED STATES OF AMERIA.

Top places to visit in the us 

In a country like the US, you can spend a lifetime yet still find a lot to discover in your daily life with the beauty of nature, beyond our imagination.  From national parks and beautiful beaches to historic districts, the US holds a lot of tourist attractions to add to your bucket list.  Below, we […]

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